Stella at the entrance of the palace


Stella at the entrance of the palace with the Queen from the Land of Snow

Published in paperback at the end of the month and, on Kindle, STELLA the STORK and the QUEEN from the LAND of SNOW.
THE LITTLE RED CLOCK will also be out on Kindle this month and we are working flat out to get DAPHNE the DINGHY ready so there is a very good chance we will be ‘floating’ her also this month.
FOOTNOTE: We are changing the name of the Kindle book The Big Fish to a ‘A VERY FISHY TALE!’ This is to avoid confusion with other books of the same name!

5 thoughts on “Stella at the entrance of the palace

  1. Annie’s writing is both lively and delicious! As a Granny of 4, I look forward to her very special stories…as do my grand-babes! The illustrations too are gorgeous. Lovely presents for Birthdays, Christmases, Easters…in fact, any time!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Jan’s comments. Annie’s are gentle, timeless tales told with an affection that floods each page and invites the reader in. The illustrations are beautifully observed, each character, once seen, will always be remembered and warmly welcomed. The books deserve to become classic children’s stories.

  3. I have seen an extract from Stella in the Land of Snow and think it highly original. I’ll be very interested to see the full story. Plus the illustrations that I have seen are a delight, full of quirky and disarming detail.

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