I just love Llandudno. It epitomises the very best of seaside resorts and is reminiscent of my childhood. With its wide streets and promenade of hotels all painted in pastel colours together with its VR post box it oozes Victorian splendour and gentility. As laid down in the original bye laws there is not an ice cream/candyfloss/burger bar to be seen until you reach the actual pier.
Together with my friend, Gill McEvoy, we booked for a 60’s, 70’s and 80’s weekend at the Queens Hotel. It was an amazing bargain just £101.00 for three nights with breakfast, afternoon tea (rather grandly labelled for what it was) and dinner. The ample food was good and the rooms comfortable.
Of course, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music attracted a certain age group. It was a trip down memory lane and I had forgotten how good the music of that era was. It was quite a sight to see 70+year olds rocking and rolling! It’s a pity that there were not more people but the hosting couple were excellent and kept up the party atmosphere. I do envy Gill’s dancing ability (she is going to hate me for saying this) she is so very good and there is not a dance she cannot perform including an Irish jig although I’m not sure about ballet!
If you want a potted history of Llandudno I would suggest you take ‘The Great Orme Tour.’ In a 1958 bus you are driven – with plenty of double declutching around the spectacular Great Orme.
Griff Rys Jones has just covered the tour in his The Great Welsh Journey on TV. The amiable driver will answer any questions and I found out why there were so many statues of the Alice in Wonderland characters scattered around. It transpires that Alice Liddell the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice books had lived with her family for a time in Llandudno. Together with my visit to the Mostyn Art Centre this trip was the highlight of the weekend.
The Mostyn is a very innovative, thought provoking art centre. There is always something to amaze. I am very grateful to Barry the manager of the gift/book/art shop. He has allowed Stella into his premises and Land of Snow is proudly displayed. Thank you Barry.
There is also an excellent imaginative café/restaurant.