The inspirational Dee-Sign Signing Choir performs to popular music in British sign language. They were enthusiastically welcomed by the weekly Wednesday Group attached to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. The aim of the group is to promote Deafness Awareness and the beauty of British Sign Language. Formed in 1997 they now have over 60 members and there is a waiting list. They have become so popular they have appeared on Granada TV, BBC 2 See Hear, Channel 4 Gala Night at the Apollo. They also perform at weddings! They have won 2010 and 2011 Jersey Eisteddfod ‘Signing Choirs Competition’ and were awarded the MBE for volunteer groups, The Queen Award for Voluntary Service in 2012. There is also a performing group for the under 16’s called the Dee-Sign Dynamix.

Dee-Sign Signing Choir

Dee-Sign Signing Choir

It was a very happy, enjoyable afternoon and we hope it won’t be too long before we enjoy the talents of Dee-Sign again.

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